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New Year Greetings and Wishes

Best first: I wish you a New Year so full of joy and happiness, you'll never miss the old one!
 New Year Greetings

Happy New Year


In the middle of winter,

In the deepest darkness,

A new beginning is born

Under skies exploding with human hopes.

May all those hopes come true for you, and more.

Happy New Year!
Good luck and blessings

for the New Year!
Whatever your desires are -

the New Year already has them all waiting.

My New Year's wish for you is that you reach out.
Health, joy and peace

for today and for all the days to follow! Happy New Year!
As the morning of the New Year dawns,

everything that the old year held goes to sleep.

Its achievements, its failures, its faults;

and a fresh new beginning can be drawn,

new successes to be achieved,

brand new mistakes to be made,

and a fresh new world to be created.

May you fill it with love, happiness and fun!
Find a great ferryman to take you over into the New Year,

and ask him nicely to forget all your luggage on the bank.
Happiness and joy,

An absolutely indecent helping of health,

And a heartful of love for the New Year.
So many things we crammed in the chapters of the previous year, and yet it seemed to pass so quickly!

May you fill the New Year's book with stories you enjoy, that thrill you, that make you victorious, laughing, happy, with stories you'll enjoy telling your grandchildren. Happy New Year!
Looking back the travelled road

slow wonder takes our heart,

where will we go in New Year's boat,

will it take us off the chart?

I wish you all the luck and love

you may wish in your sails,

and that you'll take the fate's thrown glove,

and best all of its gales!
We wish you lots of happiness, health and joy for the New Year,

and everything else you may wish besides! Happy New Year!
Health and happiness,

And all that makes your heart happy!

I wish you a Happy New Year!
May you be very, very happy throughout the New Year!
Let's enjoy the celebrations,

and let's enjoy the New Year even more!
All the best for the New Year,

may every day of it hold a nice small surprise, just for you,

that will cheer you up and remind you

that life is great and the world beautiful.

Happy New Year!
A little more peace,

a little less hassle,

a little more fun,

a little less frustration,

a little more health

and a hell of a lot more awesomeness!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year. May you live it like a happy dog whose owner accidently left the gate open!
Yet another year under our belt, and another reckoning starts.

I wish you victories in all its battles, uproarious laughter from its multitude of joys,

and a certainty at its closing, that this was the best year ever - so far!

Happy New Year!
I have a good feeling about this New Year.

Happy New Year!!
Let us start the New Year with open eyes and hearts and courage

Let's burn the old griefs and grudges in the fireworks

And write the brand new chapter in bold ink, with flourishes and only a few blots.

Happy New Year!
In the New Year I wish you 12 happy months, 52 happy weeks, 365 happy days, 8760 happy hours, 525600 happy minutes and 31,536,000 happy seconds!
This New Year's Eve, you'd better stay indoors.

You might outshine all the fireworks and then the neighbors would complain.

Happy New Year, and thank you for filling my days with your sparkle.
With you, nothing can go wrong in the coming year.

Happy New Year!
You are absolutely amazing. Every year.
Oh, is it the New Year again? I haven't noticed, with you, every new day is like fireworks and fun.

Happy New Year then!
I wish you a wonderful New Year.

Preferably with me!
For the next year, I wish you:

lots of money,

lots of great people to spend them with,

lots of fun time to spend with them,

and lots of love, health and togetherness.

Happy New Year!
There will be many rockets in the sky on the New Year's Eve,

but none will shine as bright or sparkle as dazzlingly

as you do every single day.

And I hope to deserve that brightness

every day of the New Year that comes.
Lots of love, fun and sweetness of life for the New Year!

Stay as happy and wonderful as you are.
The proverb has it that the way you spend the first day of the new year

will determine how you will spend the rest of it, too.

Although that would explain a lot,

I choose to believe this proverb is just emotional blackmail.

And I wish you a great, epic, fantastic New Year

That you will NOT spend

wrapped around the toilet nursing a hangover.

Happy New Year!
Welcome New Year!

May you bring us health and cheerful courage -

And lots of money!
Happy New Year!


What you strive towards,

that you will get!

Although we are many miles apart,

that is just temporary,

and I wish us both a fantastic New Year,

A  new year - a new happiness!

May the times always be great!
Forwards ever, backwards never!

On to the New Year,

And may it be filled with lots of

Fun, love, health and successes.
Happy New Year!

What could go wrong, eh? :-)
Happy New Year and lots of success

on all the roads you take!
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