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Get Well Soon Messages

Best first: We really hope you will get well soon. Just don't forget to skip apples for now - an apple a day keeps the doctor away and you need him!
 Get well soon - Wishes and Greetings

Get Well Soon Wishes

Health is not everything,

but without health, everything is nothing.

Speedy recovery!
Look forward and have courage,

soon you will be right as rain again.

We are with you!
Things may not seem much now,

but you will feel good again.

We wish that that time is soon!
We can't see you,

but we send you our hugs, kisses and thoughts

and wishes that you get well soon, soon, soon!
We wish that the pain soon turns into

half-forgotten memories of bravery and endurance.

Get well soon.
Like with so many truly valuable things,

we often don't recognize them for what they are

until we lose them for a while.

So may you and your health reunite soon,

stay strong!
I stand with you and and send you my very best wishes.

Get well soon.
Nothing speeds up the recovery as much as regular medical bills.
Author unknown
I'm sorry that I can't take away your pain. But I hope that you recover soon. Whatever you need, just let me know.
Healing takes time and  we wish you all the patience and calm you will need to give it that time.

We're with you.
We wish you all the strength, optimism and cockiness you'll need to overcome this. We're thinking of you.
Rest and get well. We wish you all the best for your recovery.
In these painful weeks, we wish you all the best.
Hard times can also mean a new beginnings with new, happy ends.

We wish you a speedy recovery and a lot of power for a future full of health.
We send you all our love to help you pull through!

Get well soon!
This fight may sometimes seem too much, it may seem lonely, clinical, bare.

In this message and in our thoughts, we send you strength and confidence and lots of love. We're with you, and you're with us. Hang in there.
Following the advice of doctors is important now.

But knowing that others are there for you is important too.

And we are here for you!
An illness is a challenge in life.

And we know that you will master this challenge.

We wish you a speedy recovery!
Your wounds will heal like the tree gets its spring leaves,

we wish you that your love of life will cure you swiftly.
What with all the strength, tenacity and joy of life I see in you every day,

you will be back home in no time.

Please get better soon!
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