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Christmas Wishes - Part 2

Best first: If you took away the gifts, it would still be Christmas. But it would be nothing but sad if you took away the people. Merry Christmas full of fun with all those that you love.
 Christmas Greetings and Wishes

Greetings for Magical Christmas

For those who can’t be with us this, or any, Christmas. For those who can. For those we can make happy. For those who can warm our heart. For all of us, a magical Christmas.
Christmas is a time to remember, as well as a time to enjoy, and hope, and live. It is an explosion of warmth and life in the middle of cold and dark.
This Christmas, lie under the decorated Christmas tree and look up, admire the twinkly lights from inside, inhale the scent of needles and resin, enjoy the hush and feel like an awed little kid once more. Merry Christmas!
We often stress whether the Christmas decorations will be just right. Whether the food will be tasty and well-arranged enough. Whether the house will be clean enough. So here's my Christmas gift - yes, it will be just right, whatever you do! May you enjoy a hassle-free Christmas full of fun and brightness and love!
Do you know that moment when all is ready for Christmas Day, when the children are happily sleeping in bed, the house is quiet and the only source of light are the fairy lights from the Christmas tree? That's when you can hear the Christmas magic. May you hear it loud and clear this Christmas!
Happy Christmas filled with peace, love and cookies.
The candle flames make the air hazy and warm, the sound of carols sung by neighbourhood kids soon replaced by sounds of happy snow fight. Merry Christmas filled with peace.
I wish that you see lots of joy from the presents you will have given, the many hugs you will have administered and the many kisses you will have shared. Happy Holidays with those you love!
If within the next few days you wake up and find yourself in a dark brown sack, don't panic, stay calm! It's just that Santa finally got my one wish. Happy Christmas!
There is so much magic in Christmas! The sharing with friends and family, the hopeful expectations, the togetherness with all the world’s humanity... May you enjoy the very best Christmas!
In the midst of darkness and cold, we celebrate a hope of warmth and light. May your Christmas jingle and sparkle with joy, family magic and lovely moments.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas when some of the childhood magic comes alive for you again.
It’s a time of sparkle and shine, of yummy smells and polished floors, of warm hugs and warmed hearts and laughter and reunions. It’s a time of magic. I wish you the merriest Christmas.
May this magical time fill your heart with joy and peace, and your house with people you love. Merry Christmas!
The hushed winter night, the expectations, the magic of kindness in the air... Merry Christmas!
Christmas is an odd and magical mixture of cold and warmth, of giving and receiving, of charity and indulgence, of darkness and twinkly lights, of sad memories and present laughs... May your Christmas be wonderful.
A holiday of hope, of giving, of rejoicing, of enjoying the warmth, comfort and love we have. Merry Christmas.
How to think crunching snow, the swish of Santa's sleigh on the white rooftop, frost everywhere - when it's 70 F? Think family, think love, think giving and getting, think hope - that's the magic of Christmas. Happy Holidays!
 Sometimes, Christmas is just sad. But it is magical nonetheless. And I know some of that magic will, acknowledged or not, make it easier for you this year. Happy Holidays.
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