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Get Well Soon Messages, Part 2

Best first: The best medicine is friendship and the love of your family. And on these you can count because we are here for you.
 Get Well Soon - Wishes and Greetings

Get Well Soon Wishes Part 2

Don't let some stupid illness get the better of you.

You are stronger than any sickness in the world.

Get well soon, or else :-)
We wish you a speedy recovery, we hope these lines remind you that we think of you and miss you very much.
Without you everything is stupid here! Get well soon!
We think of you and we send you our love while you recover.
Get well soon.
Of course you would perfectly manage to get well alone.

But why should you?

I'm here for you!
Ignore your weaknesses, acknowledge your strength

believe in yourself and try one more time!

We love you.
Congratulations on yet another broken bone.

Get well soon and seriously, take care!
Turn your face to the sun, the shadows will fall behind you.
Life surprises us with strange twists of fate - or of ankles.

May you also enjoy a surprisingly speedy recovery.

We love you, get well soon!
That the birds of worry and grief

are flying over your head

that you can not change.

But that they build a nest

in your hair,

That you can prevent.

Chinese proverb
Take the time for yourself and heal properly. We send our love.
I’m your best friend and best friends are supposed to be very honest, for your own benefit. So it is my moral duty to tell you – it was a mistake to get sick! Get well soon! I love you!
I’s probably not the most comfortable times for you, but we’re so happy the surgery went well and you’re on your road to recovery! Get well soon!
You know, after my lifetime of hypochondria, I feel a bit hurt that it’s you who ended up in the hospital. Please get well soon, your illness is giving me panic attacks! :-)
If life were a bit more like a computer game, I’d send you lots and lots of recharge items. As it is, I can only send you positive thoughts, prayers and my very best wishes for a good, comfortable and – if at all possible – relaxing recovery. Get well soon!
We miss you all so stop dawdling and get well soon; it’s just not the same without you here!
I heard you’ve had an accident – hope you get well soon!
Oh, so you think you have it hard, lying in hospital, being made fuss of by a host of nurses and doctors? What about us, stuck here without you? Quit whining and get well soon, we miss you!
Use this time of illness as an opportunity – take the time for yourself, see what makes you happy, see what gives you stress. And toss the stressy parts as far away from you as you can. Get well soon!
I’d give you a great big hug and lots and lots of kisses to show how much I care, but I don’t particularly want to catch your germs, so... here’s a well-wishing card :-) Get well soon!

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