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Happy Birthday Wishes

Best first: When you were young, you had broad mind and narrow waist. Now’s the time to turn things around.
 Funny birthday wishes

Happy, cheery, funny and warm birthday wishes for any age.

I love birthdays, and especially yours. We all celebrate that the world has gotten you all those years ago! Lots of love for the many more years to come!
Happy Birthday! And don’t let it stress you. In fact, today, you’re just one day older. And only a salad would have a problem with that.
I wish you a great year of happy days, cheering surprises and love. Happy Birthday.
They say that a horse is a colt but once, yet a man is a child twice. Out with those toy trains, the best years are coming!
Happy birthday, and no worries about getting old. You’ve already crossed that line years ago.
Have a wonderful celebration and a whole new year filled with possibilities, fun and joy. You deserve it! Happy Birthday!
During an average lifetime, people spend:

6 months waiting in a queue

20 weeks on hold on the phone

5 years doing housework

So just a few extra days waiting for a birthday present is nothing! Sorry I forgot – but Happy Birthday!
Have a very happy birthday with lots of fun to prepare you for the many happy returns! Happy Birthday!
If you feel too old on your birthday, cheer up, not all of you is this old. Some bits of your body you had to get replaced are actually a lot younger! So Happy Birthday!
I wish you joy, because you deserve it. I wish you love, because you give so much of it. And I wish you health to enjoy all this for many, many more years to come. Happy Birthday!
From the standpoint of mountains, we may be just a brief, passing sparkle. But let's make that sparkle count. Happy Birthday!
Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory. - Franklin Pierce Adams
Apparently the best ten years in a woman’s life are those between 39 and 40. Happy 39!
Nobody could make me feel safe like you could. Nobody could cheer me up when life's been rough like you could. And I will never see anybody as great and all-knowing as I've been seeing you. Happy Birthday, mom.
Happy Birthday! Isn't it fantastic to be young, beautiful and full of energy? Can you still remember???
Enjoy the best year of your life. The best one so far – until the next one comes! Happy Birthday!
Yeah, this aging thing is a bit depressing – but the great thing is, we may grow old, but we’ll never grow up! Happy Birthday!
You stole my toys. You yanked my hair. You told me my new jeans looked crap. And you were the best fun a sister could wish for! Happy Brithday!
Happy Birthday! OK, you may be older than you ever remember, but hey, you’re one year younger than you will be on your next birthday! Let's party!
Forget age. If you can still manage to blow out your birthday candles, everything is dandy. Happy Birthday!

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