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Happy Birthday Wishes

Best first: Too many candles on your cake depressing you? Get a bigger cake! Happy birthday!
 Funny birthday wishes

Happy, cheery, funny and warm birthday wishes for any age.

It is always better to be over the hill than to be six feet under it.
I wish you joy, love and courage in yet another fantastic year. Happy Birthday!
So many candles, so little cake…
Happy Birthday! That’s a plenty of twenties we’ve got to celebrate!
Stop counting the candles and start thinking about the wishes each one represents!
You know you're in trouble when you can use the candles on your birthday cake to send smoke signals to aunt Trudie, asking if she's coming to celebrate.
No wonder some people fear their oncoming birthday. It’s all those oddball birthday messages and poems, right? Happy birthday!
Old you are, but strong the force with you is still. Happy may your birthday be." - Master Yoda
With age comes wisdom. Hell, you must be one of the wisest people among my friends! Happy Birthday!
They say that all you need is love, so I hope you weren’t expecting anything in the birthday gifts department. Happy Birthday!
Don’t get too hung up on how old you are. A few more years and you won’t remember it at all :-) Happy Birthday!
If I have been annoying, bitchy, impolite, ungrateful, and horrible to you, what can I say? You’re going to get a lot more of me in the next year. Happy Birthday!
Chill, you aren’t getting older, just moving a little closer to death. Happy Birthday!
I have a special wish for you on your birthday. May God give you the strength and lung capacity to blow out all those candles!

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Happy Birthday Wishes

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